An Artist and a Website

Saturday, March 26, 2016


You guys, setting up a website is not my thing.  So not.  But I have labored for two weeks to tame the monster...and I'm finally gaining ground.  At last I can taste victory!  So welcome to Plum Water Designs, my humble home on the internet.  Here is where you can find all my work, from years ago to that piece I finished yesterday.  Here is also where I blog about my work and life as an artist...and probably about some other random subjects of interest.  I hope you visit often and find it an intriguing and inspiring spot!


Thanks for setting up what

Thanks for setting up what already feels like a refreshing and inspiring space. Can't wait to see what's next!

Thanks Dan!

Thanks Dan!


About time I become a customer, not just because I am your aunt, it’s because I love your work!! Also, hope to see you at Becca’s wedding, if you are able to make the trip! Kathy Satermo Wolff. Now, I shop!!!!

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